Thursday, October 24, 2019

Knaves of Eberron pt7

Animorphs: Eberron
Time to start using all those spellshards our magewright bought.

First up: Beast Form.

Fresh Faces
We met the secret police of Korranberg--by walking right into the police station talking about crimes. And then we met a familiar face in a new jacket. Rigging a cockfight.

"What's a little interrogation between friends?"
Another one of Luci's spellshards got used last session: "Phobia"...To torture another party member, Karch, into spilling beans. Instead---he cried.

We did it. We survived the most boring boat ride and made it to Stormreach. Immediately we had to indulge. Spa day for the elves, while our warforged learned she's too cool for us.

Expedition Looks: Karch
With his Sailor Suit ditched, and a blank check in his pocket, Karch geared himself up for the Jungles of Xen'drik and the deserts of---well, also Xen'drik.

Expedition Looks: Luci
We're ALL getting new gear before we set out. And while Karch went for Spicy Safari, Luci's leaning more towards Aristocrat-Adventurer.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Knaves of Eberron pt6

Expedition Looks
We've set off to Xen'drik!---Kind of. We're on the boat. We're hiding on the boat. We're hiding from more consequences on an angry, living, boat.

Buddies in Waiting 1/3
Last session was a lot of dodging and weaving away from bad bedfellows and dangerous deals. The first of which involved The Creator Of The Warforged.

Buddies in Waiting 2/3
The gang ended up at the laundromat after Illion pushed Karch into the ocean. After losing his wardobe. Before a fancy dinner. In a gnome-heavy town. When he's tall.

Buddies in Waiting 3/3
We found out the fancy dinner-party was about to become a literal butt-stab-athon. So rather than informing any of the guests or hosts...we left. After drinking. A lot.

Shärd by Lucien
On our last day in Khorvaire, our Drow Magewright burned all their money on spellshards and jewelry. Honestly? It'll probably end up saving us on Xen'drik. Or killing us. Who knows!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Alloy & Friends pt4

High Times On The High Seas
Between sessions we can RP with the NPCs we've collected along the way. Alloy got pouches of Weird Cinnamon and shared them with Mira, our new Wood Elf/Weed Elf friend.

We met another Aasimar last session and she turned out to be Super Cool! Sure, she's Fallen and tried to do a living autopsy on a party member--but hey! Could you stay mad at that face?

Melvin The Wizard & Poison Jak
It's official. We've made-up more antagonists than the GM has. Ship crew poisoned? Clearly the work of Poison Jak. Aggressive polymorph? Melvin the Wizard.

Big Hug
After abandoning a party member mid-heist/rescue, Schubert The Barbarian is just happy to find him alive. And find he didn't murder anyone without our supervision.

When the GM closes a door, the players make a window.

A Light Autopsy
Last session Alloy found out he's got a literal divine forge inside him, binding him to the celestial realms. He asked the surgeon to let him see it mid-surgery. It was neat.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Knaves of Eberron pt5

Train Fashion!
Day & Night looks for our trip to Korranberg. Karch dressed down, Luci dressed up, and Illion---never changes. Ever.

Train Friends
We met a Reforged named "Dead" with a bunch of "skin", "hair", "pipes" He's gross. And the two on-board changelings disguised themselves as the one waitress on board. Hijinks ensued.

The Misunderstanding AKA The Blush-Off
With a changeling assassin face-swapping all night, and their bodyguard gone: Luci went to bunk with the only other ally on board. Miscommunications were had.

The Choice
Karch had to make some tough choices last session: Smash a hot changeling or go save his new friends (from another changeling).

In the end, he chose both.

Illion finally got to use that wrist-bow. At point blank range. With the worlds most brutal boop. Right through the brain.
One assassin down. One kill team left. Somewhere.

It was a long train trip to Korranberg with a lot of bits that didn't get a full illustration. So here's The Bits.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Alloy & Friends pt3

Alloy & Friends Group Shot!
We've been in the sticks together for a couple months and I realized I never drew everyone all together. At least not in a formal way. So here we are!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Knaves of Eberron pt 4

What's On Your Mind?
This week, the party tried to play brain surgeon on my character to extract a brain-parasite demon. It---didn't go so well.

Well If It Isn't My Good Friend, "Consequences"
After the brain-surgery botched, and my character died, her brain-parasite quickly went feral. The rest of the party survived. For now.

It took 6 sessions but we finally got our magewright a new leg. Made by a local Dean of Artificier School, it shoots Sculptable Fire from the kneecap.

Kamil Karch
My replacement character for Knaves of Eberron is This Dude. On the outside, just an elf on a quest of self-improvement. On the inside: Motivated Blood of Vol cultist.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Alloy & Friends pt2

The Lotus Crew pt1
The WoDSquad (name pending) hopped aboard a merchant vessel to take them to High Elf Town. In the meantime, we're solving Maritime Crime. (Also the crews all Cool Tritons)

The Lotus Crew pt2
More of our merchant crew! Tritons seem Pretty Damn Cool, even if all the ones on board are named after Shark Tale characters.

The Friends We Made Along The Way
Now that the group got the Follower/Retainer mini-stat-blocks from the 5e book...we're gonna collect so many friends.